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Gen II Tankless System w/10 Nozzles
Gen II Tankless System w/10 Nozzles
We're excited to introduce this new top-of-the-line dispensing system, Gen II - a technology breakthrough in automated misting. Gen II really does offer “Mosquito Control in a Snap.” It’s more attractive and friendlier to consumers and offers more flexibility and control over the ingredients that are misted out.

Gen II hooks up to a hose bib and accepts a snap-in cartridge of one of several formulations of botanical insecticides and repellants. Every time the system is activated - whether by a cycle programmed into the digital controller or you've pushed the mist button on the remote control - it precisely mixes up a fresh batch from the concentrate and mists it out.

The real breakthrough in Gen II is the smart cartridge cap. It tells the controller what is in the cartridge and exactly how much should be delivered in the mist. With the smart cap and Gen II, you can tailor the amount of active ingredients misted and achieve the most control over mosquitoes while using the least amount of insecticide. No other system can make that claim.

The Tankless GEN 2/10 Nozzle Complete System Package is the ULTIMATE mosquito misting system for the any application and comes with many fantastic features and options! This system can also handle up to 100 nozzles and you can add a variety of SENSORS!

All the other systems on the market today have a BIG 55 Gallon tank that requires filling with water and the messy mixing concentrates. The GEN II does away with that!

The control panel makes it easy to visually see if the system needs a new cartridge. It also has a battery backup in case of a power outage, a warning light to indicate a spray cycle is about to occur, and a host of other standard features. Addtionally, this system will even 'winterize' itself with just a few button presses!

The Tankless GEN 2 System / 10 Nozzle complete Package contains:

  • Tankless GEN 2 System

  • Control System

  • /Pump Assembly

  • Control

  • Fill of Pyrethrum for startup

  • - Union Elbows

  • - Union "T"

  • - "T" Nozzles

  • - Nozzle Plugs to end a line

  • ' of Tubing (black)

  • - Tube Cutter

  • 1/4" Nylon Clamps (black)

  • 3/8" Nylon Clamps (black

  • Additional options / accessories / add-ons for this system

System Options: White Tubing (+$10.00)
Clear Tubing (+$10.00)
Tan Tubing (+$10.00)
Clear Clamps (+$10.00)
Additional "T" Nozzles (+$15.00)
Additional "T" Nozzles 10pk (+$150.00)
Additional wind/rain sensor (+$215.00)

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Price: $2095.00

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